Astro Dodger

Get Astro home by collecting fuel bubbles and dodging space debris along the way
Stranded in the far reaches of the Galaxy our intrepid hero Astro must make his way back to Earth by collecting fuel bubbles. With limited fuel you must guide your ship around an odd assortment of space debris - including aliens! Avoid getting hit as this will destroy your ship. 3 hits and it's GAME OVER! Collect power-ups to help you get to your destination.
Astro Dodger contains 5 difficulty levels:
Don't Hurt Me
Average Guy
Bring It On
Nukem' (for those who need that extra challenge).
Avoid objects by tilting your phone to move your ship around the screen. Tap the screen to pause the game at any time.
"For those of you looking for a solid time killer that can offer up both bite-sized gameplay or 20 minute runs, you might want to check out Astro Dodger." -