Crazy Kangaroo

CRAZY KANGAROO - Another quality game from the creators of Doodle Fit and Monster Shooter.

A groundbreaking, super-addictive and unbelievably cute 2D platform game from Gamelion that delivers pure awesomeness!

MEET BARNEY – a cute kangaroo that was caught by evil poachers but luckily fell off the airplane and now has to make his way home. Help him – you two should hop along together just great! With intuitive tilt controls and handcrafted graphics, CRAZY KANGAROO feels simply perfect. Give it a shot!

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gamelion重新本國人民的注意力款來了一項法令,釋手愛不,羽 - GI - 哦2D平板愛的滿級可超覺真正意義上的Bimyo帶來給人!
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