Lilli Adventures 3D Lite

Try Lilli's addictive action-adventures, completely dynamic and in full-3D.

Note: This is the free trial version of our game for testing purposes - you can play two levels. If you like it, you can get the full version at Google Play.
We'd like to hear your feedback :), just email us.

The game
• Action-adventure on a platform in the sky, in full 3D.
• You play Lilli the red dragon, and you have a weapon per level, e.g. a hammer.
• Your opponents are sheep, goats, zombies, witches, fish, knights, etc., even Yetis, all in their respective worlds, having their own unique behaviours.
• The game features an innovative control mechanism using the accelerometer (physically tilting the device, or alternatively on-screen joystick) to play in 3D space.
• There is no fixed storyline in the levels - everything that happens is completely dynamic, so each time you play and as long as you play a level, it is completely unique.
• Your goal is to collect as many points or time as you need to unlock the next level or bonus level, while keeping your opponents from stealing your in-game time. Your ultimate highscore is the time you were able to stay on the platform.
• Several unique and dynamic levels with lots of characters, for endless fun
• A surprising bonus level for each main level, having completely different game-play (Monster Memory, Sound Replay, Badminton etc.)
• Three difficulty modes for the whole game, so everybody can play it
• Full-3D worlds with graphics, music and sound in HD quality
• Including low and high quality modes for older and newer devices
• Play using the gyro accelerometer (tilting the device) or on-screen joystick
• No extra/hidden payments, no in-game ads, no data collected
• Complete download size is 17MB (lite version, 30MB full version)