Project 83113

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The ultimate battle has begun. Special unit 83113 (Belle) evolved for one purpose: bring an end to the reign of the machine.


"Fabrication Games and NCSoft have created something impressive here. It's sexy, fast-paced fun." – Touch Arcade

"Within moments I was totally floored by Project 83113’s mechanics, action, and style." - 148 Apps, Editor's Choice Selection

"...a running platformer with style worth every penny" - GamerChica

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Project 83113 is an action-packed platformer title with intuitive swipe control and stunning graphics. Jump, slide, and blaze through mind-numbingly thrilling stages, as you take control over mankind’s last hope, Belle. Blast your way to the very core of Machine’s safe haven, Ground Zero, where the ultimate battle of Man vs. Machine takes place.

※ Survival Guide: Special Unit 83113

1. Gently tap on enemies to make Belle use deadly yet dazzling blast attacks.

2. Find hidden collectibles to unlock the well-kept secrets of Project 83113, including the ultimate weapon that could put an end to the reign of Machine.

3. Collect crystals to upgrade your basic weapons into fatal ammunition.


- Intuitive and simple swipe controls for a variety of complex movements
- 4 action-packed worlds with state of the art visual effects
- Plenty of weapons to upgrade and choose from

Project 83113: 最後的戰役蓄勢待發。
★★★最引人注目的是無時無刻的畫面衝擊…華麗的藝術傑作” – Touch Arcade★★★
Project 83113是一款雖操作簡單卻擁有華麗視覺效果的動作遊戲。跳躍、滑行、從刺激的戰鬥中殺出重圍-你是人類最後的希望。引爆機器的藏身之處“地面零點”, 這是人類與機器的最終之役。 ,
※ 生存指南: 特殊編號 83113
1. 輕擊敵人,使貝里使用炫目的致命爆炸攻擊。
2. 尋找隱藏物品解開Project 83113的秘密,獲得終結機器殖民世代的終極武器。
3. 蒐集水晶,賦予你的武器致命的殺傷力。
● 直觀、簡單的滑動屏幕,控制各種高難度的動作。
● 四組極具動感的藝術視覺效果
● 大量的武器升級及選擇