Return My Phone Pro (找回寶貝手機)

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Return My Phone is a security app that helps users to retrieve their phone back, which will automatically execute its function according to user’s personalized setting, even though the phone is restarted.
What’s more, Return My Phone is a retriever of phone but a spy, so user’s privacy is thoroughly protected.
All the tracking information are sent to the pointed E-mail account, Return My Phone will let you get more chances to find your phone back!

Return My Phone Pro 係屬一套協助找回手機之裝置,亦是手機的守護者。在手機安裝 Return My Phone Pro 時,系統將會依據個人所設定的條件項目後,隨時保持軟體執行狀況,即使將手機關機或重新開機(restart),Return My Phone Pro 也會自動啟動執行警戒功能,使用者不會因為忘記開啟而失去此項功能。當手機遺失時,拾獲者將 SIM Card 更換,Return My Phone Pro 將啟動異常處理,隨即連續執行拍照、定位等功能,並將相關資訊傳回指定帳號;亦可使用簡訊方式傳遞設定之關鍵字啟動執行,以協助遺失者找回心愛的手機。