Save Ass Shooter

Simple and addicting physics shooting game with 80 levels!
To be the hero in your office by saving people's lives.
The boss and co-workers have been hanging for a long time.
No arrows in the office, so throw pencils to cut the rope and save their ass.
How to play?
# Touch screen to shoot pencils.
# Cut the rope to save people's lives.
# 80 well-designed levels (more to come!)
# Hot man/woman sound effects!
# Physics simulations to create a immersive experience.
# Wonderful tool to show the position of the last used pencil.
This helps a lot.
Comments from users:
by Jason
Fun Game! This game is actually fun! Kind of reminds me of a variation of Angry Birds.
Gotta have that aiming skill though. Not a bad app for free.
by Raphi
Viel besser wie bunny shooter echt geil. (German)
Much better than bunny shooter really cool. (English)
We'd love to make free game with high quality just like angry birds, blood and glory or bunny shooter. So any suggestion/feedback is welcome! It will help us improving the game a lot!
Wish you enjoy this game SaveAss - Shooter!