Jewel City

Play Jewel City for FREE!

Play through Match 3 puzzles as you travel to ancient civilizations and rebuild the glory and beauty of Jewel City!
Nimble fingers get the prize in Match 3 puzzles as you discover the mysteries of the past and unlock the power of mystical Jewels hidden all over the world. But hurry, you're not the only one chasing their power...
As you build your Jewel City, you will:
-Solve a dizzying and exciting array of Match 3 puzzles
-Gather mystical Jewels to restore glorious Temples and buildings
-Prove yourself a worthy member of the Royal Society of Explorers
-Beat the intruders to the punch!
DISCLAIMER: Match 3 puzzles are highly addictive, play at your own risk!
IN-APP PAYMENTS: Jewel City is free to play, but you can buy items to increase your speed and prowess in the game.
LOG PERMISSION: We use the log permission to debug the game. Help us catch the bugs!