The Golden Years: Way Out West

Tame the Wild West in The Golden Years, an exciting city building sim! Raise frontier towns out of ro​​ck and dirt and turn them into glorious metropolises! Gather resources and gold, build accommodation and production facilities and take your empire to the peak of success!As you make your way through the hardship of the Wild West, help a local woman overcome the sleazy maneuvers of a greedy old rip and save her family from destitution. With stunning visuals that bring the West to dazzling life and an epic story, The Golden Years: Way Out West will bring hours of fun to the whole family!在“流金歲月”這款激動人心的模擬城市遊戲中開拓荒涼的西部地區!清除邊境城鎮中的荒石和髒污,將它們發展成繁榮的國際大都市!採集資源和黃金,建造生活起居處所和生產設施,帶領你的王國走向輝煌!努力奮鬥,在西部荒原中建設康莊大道,幫助當地一名主婦擺脫遊手好閒的流氓地痞的騷擾,幫助她脫貧致富。將西部荒原變身為天上人間,史詩般的故事上演的過程中始終充滿了絢麗的視覺效果,流金歲月:西部之路將為全家人奉上數小時的歡樂!遊戲特色• 48 個挑戰不斷提高的關卡!• 五個故事情節• 11 個西部荒原角色• 27 種建築• 迷人的故事情節和活靈活現的角色