WiFi Shoot! [Beta]

WiFi Shoot!
The Quick and Easy way to share,
The Quick and Easy way to share,
WiFi Shoot it is the first (and only to the moment) app in the Google Play to use the WiFi Direct technology to wireless transmit photos and videos directly from device to device.
Graphical Design by: Sophia Coelho
WiFi Shoot uses the default built-in Android WiFi Direct API.
WiFi direct was first introduce in Ice Cream Sandwich but it's not a requirement for a Ice Cream Sandwich device to be certified by Google to operate with the Google Play (meaning, a device can be ICS without WiFi Direct).
That way a device to be compatible with the WiFi Shoot application must be at least on Ice Cream Sandwich version AND have WiFi Direct capabilities.
Those are the only two limiting factors to be installed in any device and those are technical limitations that can't be overcome.
Unfortunately if your specific device manufacturer (or ROM developer) did not built it with WiFi direct capabilities, the WiFi Shoot application (or any other WiFi Direct application) will not be compatible with your device.
*Known bugs:*
- It only works for local media. Photos or videos from Picasa/G+ that are shown in the Gallery will not work (and probably crash) at the moment.
- Galaxy Nexus is known to be a bit weird during connection.