Half a million users love Worldscope Webcams! This app makes it easy to check an old vacation spot, visit new places or just spy the world with more than 20,000 webcams from around the world. Optimized for phone, tablet and Google TV.

***Please note***
Generally, most of the webcams update every few minutes. A smaller number of webcams stream live video.

With Worldscope Webcams it's easy to:
☆ point anywhere in the world and discover nearby webcams
☆ bookmark your favorite webcams for faster access
☆ set any webcam image as your regularly updated wallpaper or homescreen widget
☆ view current weather conditions along with a 5-day weather forecast
☆ choose between current and daylight view
☆ add custom webcams

This app is similar to World Webcams but has a much wider selection of webcams and uses the same webcam database like WorldView on iPhone.

This version is fully functional and Ad supported. You can remove ads by entering a valid registration code from our website (visit for more info).

What our users are saying:

"This is brilliant. So many cams to look at"

"I just love it!! It keeps me from getting bored by taking me on a world tour. Highly recommended!!!"

"I love going through and seeing the places I've been."

"I LOVE this app! I love everything about it. How I can see places in my home country live, how I can save the pics, how I can browse... Fantastic app."

"What a good way to see what the rest of the World does. I love to spend hours just watching people, mainly in the shopping or town centers. I wonder who they are and what they are doing. Of course the other great thing about web cams is that you can see what the place is like if you are going on holiday there."

"Great app, works perfectly, going to Riccione in Italy soon, and it's great to watch what is happening on the beach. Fantastic."

"Amazing! This app is so fun! It gives you a sense of being a part of the whole world you can go anywhere and see anything... Right now just as it is! I love setting up my favorites so I can go to any city check out the coast see if the surfing is good see if the skiing is good see if the climbing is good see if the weather's right for bicycling or just taking a picnic."

"Fastest & easiest way to explore the world.... Keep favorites & take photos of your virtual trip."

"Love to visit (view) places places around the globe from the couch!"

"Highly recommend this app. Extremely quick replies from dev regarding any questions; dev gets 5* along with the app. Wish all devs would treat customers this well."

☆ to contact us regarding new features or issues, please visit
☆ we reccomend installing tinyCam Monitor for Android ( to view live streaming webcams where available
☆ For explanation of the various permissions and why they are needed please visit
☆ Worldscope Webcams is the official app for
☆ In order to use homescreen widgets and automatic wallpaper refresh, you must install our free app, Worldscope Widgets.

- 指出,在世界任何地方,並發現附近的webcams
- 書籤以便更快地訪問您最喜歡的webcams
- 定期更新的壁紙或主屏幕小部件設置任何攝像頭圖像
- 查看當前的天氣條件下,隨著為期5天的天氣預報
- 選擇電流和日光的看法
- 添加自定義攝像頭
“強烈建議這個程序從開發極快的答复任何問題。開發與應用相處5 *,希望所有的開發者將對待客戶,這口井。。”
- 與我們聯繫有關新功能或問題,請訪問
- 我們reccomend,安裝tinyCam Android的監視器(觀看流媒體直播的攝像頭可用
- 對於各種權限的解釋,為什麼他們需要請訪問
- Worldscope視訊是為http://webcams.travel的的的官方APP
- 為了使用主屏幕小部件和自動壁紙刷新,你必須安裝我們的免費應用程序,Worldscope小工具。