Diamond Drag

各位玩家您好,我們是來自台灣的Mr.Crocodile工作室!我們是對探索遊戲本質有強烈熱忱的工作室,這是我們的第一款作品-Diamond Drag。
➢ 物理元素,讓寶石變化更多變。
➢ 拖曳!點擊! 兩秒上手!
➢ 簡單規則!簡單玩!輕鬆殺時間!
➢ 3大關,48小關等您來挑戰。
➢ 輕快音效爽快滿點。

Diamond Drag 粉絲團:
歡迎留下您對Diamond Drag的寶貴意見,讓我們一起探索玩樂的本質。

Hello!!! We are the studio named “Mr. Crocodile” with strong passion to explore the essence of games. Diamond Drag is our first works.
It’s a totally new gameplay within adding physics element.
➢ For adding physics element in the game, the diamonds have more changes.
➢ Drag! Click! And enjoy playing the game in 2 seconds
➢ Simple Rules! Easy to play! And kill the time!
➢ 3 Stages and 48 levels for you to challenge
➢ Brisk music and a lot of fun here!

Welcome to provide your valuable suggestion for us, and let us explore the essence of games.