GT 賽車: 現代汽車版

The best racing simulation returns in a special free Hyundai Edition. Try two of the newest and most revolutionary cars from this iconic Korean automaker.

Discover the true meaning of adrenaline with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the perfect combination of speed and power. And for the first time in mobile game history, take control of a high-performance hybrid-electric concept car -- the Hyundai i-oniq -- and experience the wheels of tomorrow.
Test your driving skills on two tracks: Reach maximum speed on the sunny Monte Carlo track, and flaunt your drifting skills on the snowy Scandinavia track.

Enjoy all the quality of the famous GT Racing game. Highly realistic physics provide a more immersive racing simulation.
Reach the top of the GT Racing: Motor Academy leaderboards to prove you’re the best Hyundai driver in the world.

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最佳賽車模擬遊戲為您獻上獨家現代汽車版。 現在就來試開由韓國經典汽車製造商推出,全新、最具革命性的兩樣車款。

想知道什麼叫「腎上腺素極速上升」?快來試試結合力與美的現代 GENESIS COUPE 雙門轎跑。 手機遊戲史上前所未見,現在就來操控頂級現代 i-oniq 電動概念車,體驗未來車趨勢。
在兩種賽道上,測試你的駕駛技巧: 在萬里無雲的蒙地卡羅賽道上極速奔馳,在白雪靄靄的斯堪的納維亞賽道上展現你的甩尾技術。

GT 賽車特色
享受著名 GT 賽車模擬遊戲的遊戲樂趣。 極度真實的物理效果,給你最逼真的賽況模擬。
奪下 GT 賽車冠軍獎盃: 在賽車線上學院排行榜證明,你就是全世界最佳現代汽車賽車手。

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