Happy Poo Fall

Happy Poo is back, and this time we're heading down! Drop Happy Poo safely between the platforms to fall down deeper and deeper.

Our friends from Happy Poo Jump are back! You still have to keep Happy Poo safe from the mean flies, but this time you have a huge range of power ups to help you fight back.

Happy Poo brought friends this time too, you can collect them all by picking up the coins in the game, or you can use your coins to build up Happy Poo's power ups!

This is the biggest Happy Poo game so far, we're thrilled that you're enjoying them so much. Have fun with Happy Poo Fall.

Recent changes:
We had to remove the option to earn coins for watching video ads from the game because of new market rules. Not many people were using it, so hopefully you guys don't mind. It's more fun to earn coins playing anyway ;)

We're so happy to see so many of you enjoying the new game, thanks for all the great ratings and comments.