League of Heroes

Help the villagers of Frognest! Join your friends on Facebook to the League of Heroes and become a true hero!From the creators of critically-acclaimed Monster Shooter!A NEVER-ENDING ADVENTUREHack your way through unlimited areas in the forest of Frognest.GEAR UP AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERChoose the best strategy to fight enemies and customize your character with countless armor options and weapons.EVOLVE ALONG YOUR ADVENTUREGather experience and silver, find treasures, and unlock tons of unique items, including magic.COMPLETE QUESTSComplete over 60 quests, earn silver coins, and receive a higher ranking.BEAUTIFUL HAND-DRAWN GRAPHICS AND ANIMATIONSEnjoy spectacular-looking 2D visuals with top-notch animations.REAL-LIFE WEATHER EFFECTSPlay the game and enjoy several weather and time effects based on real weather in your location. You will experience heavy rain with thunder, cloudiness, fogs, night time, etc.Note: to experience real-life we​​ather effects an active internet connection is required.FOLLOW US and stay in touch to get all the latest information about League of Heroes and future updates:www.facebook.com/LeagueOfHeroesGamewww.twitter.com/gamelionRecent changes:➱ Boss Fights energy balance➱ Boss Fights now appear every 3 levels➱ Energy restoration takes now reduced by half (from 10 to 5 minutes)➱ Stability improved 永無止境的探險幫助蛙巢的村民!在Facebook與好友一起加入英雄聯盟,成為一個真正的英雄!來自飽受批判性讚譽的《怪獸射擊》的創作者!永無止境的探險披荊斬棘在蛙巢森林的無數個地域中前進。快速自定義設置您的角色選擇最佳戰略打敗敵人並自定義設置您的角色,有無數盔甲和武器可供選擇。在探險中成長積累經驗和銀幣、發掘寶藏並解鎖魔術等不計其數的獨特物品。完成任務完成60個以上的任務,賺取銀幣並獲得更高排名。美不勝收的手繪圖形和動畫欣賞蔚為壯觀的一流2D動畫。真實的天氣和時間效果?玩這款遊戲,體驗各種天氣和時間效果,這裡的天氣是基於您所在位置的真實天氣。您將遭遇暴雨天氣,雷電轟鳴、烏云密布、大霧瀰漫、漆黑一片。注:須聯網才能體驗真實的天氣效果。關注我們,保持聯繫,了解《英雄聯盟》的所有最新信息和未來更新:www.facebook.com/LeagueOfHeroesGamewww.twitter.com/gamelion