★Attack animals with veggies!★
The cute puzzle shooter “LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL”

The new official game from “LINE” – the free messenger app.
Receive original stamps for free!

■What kind of game is it?
An all-new puzzle shooter in which you take down approaching animal enemies with vegetables, one after another. Stop the cute-but-nasty animals from escaping from the world of the picture book!

■Get free “LINE” stamps!
Download “LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL” to get free PATAPOKO ANIMAL stamps!

■How to Play
LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL is a puzzle-based shooting game which uses a smartphone’s “gyroscope sensor”.

Try tilting your device up, down, left, and right after throwing a vegetable to control its trajectory before it hits an animal. Hitting animals will earn you “Cherries” which you can save up to upgrade your veggies!

Be sure to aim properly.
Animals will bob and weave, so just tossing vegetables at random will not land you many hits. Aim sharply! This is the most important PATAPOKO tip!

■Play with your LINE friends!
In the endless PATAPOKO Challenge Mode, you can take on your LINE friends and battle for records. Try to reach the level of PATAPOKO King!