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Photo Spaceeffects FX - The most amazing space effects on your photos, and much more!

This app is for all the casual photographers out there! You can take photos from camera or phone gallery and then add space effects to those photos! It works for all kinds of landscape, party and personal photos.

Space effects are slightly different from traditional photo effects and they add life to your pictures. This app has numerous features including:

- 30+ Free space effects
- Various font and text color options
- Frames for your photos
- Post photos to facebook, intsgram, gmail and many more social networks

We'll soon be releasing spaceffect fx updates with better functionalities and features. Please keep sending us emails about how you feel about our app.

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照片Spaceeffects FX - 最驚人的空間效果,在您的照片,和更多!



- 30 +免費空間的影響
- 各種字體和文本顏色選項
- 為您的照片的相框
- 將照片發布到Facebook上,intsgram,Gmail和社交網絡

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