Piyo Blocks 2

Piyo Blocks 2, the magical match-em-up sequel to the hugely popular original.
With all new high res graphics, new game modes and much, much more.
Match same coloured blocks to make them disappear, and capture the target number of blocks before the time runs out to level up. Make use of combos and power-ups to help match more and more glorious Piyo Blocks. Make sure to check out the new disco mode - two minutes of rapidly changing coloured blocks for frenzied play!
Now with all new graphics, six single player modes.
• Piyo Mode
- capture the target number of Piyo’s to level up
• Hyaku Mode
- capture 99 or more of any Piyo type to level up
• Time Attack
- capture as many Piyo’s as you can
• Disco Mode
- 2 min game with changing colour disco blocks
• Endless Mode
- play forever
If you face any technical issue the game and/or device please contact us to allow us to fix, and update the game, and make it better for all.
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