Discover your RAW files right after the shooting, without the need of a computer !

/!!! NEW: USB Host supported !!!\
\!!! Plug your camera with USB !!!/
(Android 3.1+)

Please note this is the DEMO version of RawVision. It allows to test both:
- the compatibility with your camera RAW file's format.
- the compatibility with your tab, especially mounting usb devices and SD cards.
If you photos don't work with the demo version, they won't work either with the full version.
The demo version embeds ads in order to support development.

/*\ Please mail if you have problems and
/*\ don't use the ratings, I can't reply them!

With RawVision, you can now easily empty your photos cards on your Android tablet or smartphone, check the RAW files, manage the files and import them.

This application is especially intended for Android tablets, but it will work as well with smartphones.

Please note that not every Android terminal will be able to handle very large photos.

- RawVision opens Nikon NEF, Canon .CR2 , SONY .ARW, Pentax .PEF and .DNG and Samsung .SRW files, Olympus .ORF, Panasonic RW2.
- opens only thumbnails for Fujifilm's .RAF, Leica M9 DNG and Nikon D100 Nef
- opens JPEG and PNG
- gives preview of .MOV files(Android>3.0).
/!\If your format is not (well) supported, rather than sacking the app with bad comments/ratings, sending me an email and a sample file would be a much better idea...

- File explorer with possibility to register favorite folders with a long press.

- Gallery display. To select a file, click on it. To perform an operation on one file, make a long-click on it. To perform an operation on several files at one time, select all the files and press the action button on the bottom-right of the screen.

- FullScreen mode
You can browse all the photos by sweeping the screen right or left. invisible areas on the left and right switch photos.
Zoom with a pinch, delete a photo right away.
start a slideshow.
Toggle the actions bar with a single tap, double tap to have the photo fit to screen.

- Detailed mode
It displays a bigger version of the photo as well as the basics Exifs Data. You can also display all exifs data, and extract or delete file.

- Image editor
Edit and process your photos.
Aviary Filters.

- File importation
You can import selected files by choosing a root folder, then a name for the new import folder - or the current date. You can also choose to rename the files and delete them after import.

- File deletion
You can delete files either one a time or several together by selecting them before.

- JPEG extraction
You can extract a JPEG preview of the RAW files. This can be handy if you want to share your photo easily from your Android device.
You can choose to resize extracted JPEG as well as the destination folder.
You can extract files in a batch.

- File sharing
"Share" your files with other apps on your Android device.
Sketch an extracted preview, launch a video file, share by facebook, twitter, send by email, store on dropbox etc...

- File renaming

- Eye-Fi support (not available in demo)
Eye-Fi needs a little configuration.
First connect the device to the WiFi AP (Ey-fi card in direct mode) with the wpa2 key in the Eye-Fi Center desktop app.
Then in RawVision, enter the uploadKey - please google how to get it.
Choose the destination folder and start the service.
Photos will then appear as they are sent from the camera.
Note: you cannot use Eye-Fi service if another eyefi app is running.

Known issues:
- the carousel has problems handling very big folders.
- some Exifs data are not well decoded.

/!\ Please taken a few seconds to rate the application on the Android Market.
/!\ Don't hesitate to send comments by email, feedback is very important to improve the application's quality.
/!\ If you have question, send an email as it is not possible to reply in the comments.