Toy Defense

Toy Defense is the ultimate simulation experience where you are the one to make the decision and build the line of defense. Lead you army to victory by any means!Use different types of upgradable units available in your arsenal and place them in strategic points along the routes of enemy tanks, transporters and airplanes. Deflect multiple attacks, eliminate foes, improve your strategy and become a truly great leader!Welcome to the world of Toy Defense, tower defense at its finest!Game features:• 24 perfectly designed levels• Different types of upgradable units such as riflemen, flamethrowers, anti-aircraft guns and cannons• 4 amazing features in your arsenal:* Repairmen. Now towers could be repaired without your assistance!* Resurrection. Revive the ruined tower, take part in the battle again!* Squashing. Help your army, join the battle. Squash enemy with your finger!* Protective barrage. Defend your base. Crush enemy by blast wave!• 9 types of enemy units to fight off• Intense World War I atmosphere with amazing graphics and sound effectsIn the upcoming updates you will get new worlds, new toy soldiers and new weapons upgrades.Follow us for the updates!http://www.Melesta-Games.com
玩具士兵,真實戰爭!指揮你的軍隊,阻擋住一波波前進的敵人侵犯你的塔! 《玩具塔防》可為你提供終極模擬體驗,你將運籌帷幄、建立防線。想盡辦法帶領自己的軍隊走向勝利!使用兵器庫中各種類型的可用升級單元,並且將它們放置在敵人坦克、運輸車輛以及飛機行進路線上的戰略點。擋住敵人的重重攻擊,消滅敵人,提升自己的戰略,成為真正偉大的領袖!歡迎來到最棒的塔防遊戲——《遊戲塔防》的世界!遊戲特點:• 24 個完美設計的關卡• 步槍手、火焰噴射槍手、高射砲以及機關炮等不同類型的可升級單元• 兵器庫中 4 種很棒的特色:* 現在無需你的協助,防禦塔就可以被修復!* 復活被毀掉的防禦塔,再次參加戰鬥!* 加入戰鬥,幫助你的軍隊。用手指壓碎敵人!* 保衛基地。用核彈攻擊粉碎敵人!• 9 種敵軍單元,等你迎戰• 激烈的第一次世界大戰的氛圍,精彩的圖像和聲音效果在即將到來的更新中,你會得到新的世界、新的玩具士兵和新的武器升級。關注我們,了解遊戲更新!http://www.Melesta-Games.com