»And seeing as how engaging and brain-twisting it looks, it's likely that we'll also be honoring it as our Game of the Week to boot.« (, preview)» ..."Freeze!" achieves a level of addiction that has only been seen in games like Angry Birds...« (, preview)Free for a short time only, with the entire first world (25 levels)!It was a wonderful day for our anonymous hero, at least until the moment when he was torn from his loved ones by a viciously sharp grappling hook.Locked in a cramped cell on a planet far, far away, our hero could give in to despair and abandon himself to his fate. But with your help he can overcome gravity, turn worlds, and even – escape!Solving the rotating, physics-based puzzles is easy - just use your finger to continuously turn the cell in both directions around our hero. Of course you also have to make clever use of the Freeze! button, which can overcome gravity. Sound simple? It is – at first...Freeze! offers completely new and yet immediately intuitive game mechanics, delightfully gloomy graphics from the internationally renowned pop-up designer and illustrator Jonas Schenk, and a very sinister soundtrack from noted Swiss electronic/trance musician Karl Lukas.Highlights of Freeze!* the first world offers 25 unique and thrilling levels* there are 10 free bonus levels for evaluation (honest opinions welcome)* additional worlds can be bought later as an in-app purchase at a very low price.* use intuitive touch screen control to turn our hero's cell* take on lasers, deadly traps, and cruel opponents* unique style of illustration and collage just looks really good* wonderful gloomy soundtrack from trance master Karl Lukas* supports Facebook and TwitterMore information, videos and tips for every level are at www.frozengun.com敢於逃離監獄的世界»91/100« (限期內可免費獲得完整的第一世界(25級)!對我們的無名英雄來說,這曾是非常美好的一天- 至少在他被惡毒尖利的抓鉤虜出心愛家園的那一刻之前。被囚禁在遙遠行星上的一間狹小牢房裡,我們的英雄是何等的徘徊,他想到過放棄,或許只得聽從命運的安排。但是在你的幫助下,他卻可以使地心引力暫時消失,轉動地球-或許他可以逃離囚禁?以物理原理為基礎的拼圖可以轉動,操作很簡單- 只需通過你的手指就可以無限度的朝任意方向轉動我們英雄的牢房。然後你必須巧妙地使用用來停止地心引力的'Freeze!'按鍵。聽上去很簡單?在開始的時候確實很簡單。 Freeze! 提供一個全新的但是可立即被理解的直觀的力學遊戲,配有由國際知名的Pop-Up設計師及插畫師Jonas Schenk構畫的唯美圖像,以及瑞士著名的電子/迷幻音樂家Karl Lukas譜寫的陰森非常的配樂。Freeze!的亮點* 第一世界為你提供25個獨特驚險的等級* 只需一次評分就可獲取10個免費的'獎勵等級'(歡迎真實的見意)* 其它的世界可以通過'在應用中購買'以最低的價格進行續購。* 通過直觀的觸摸屏幕控制轉動我們主人公的牢房* 置身於激光武器、致命的陷阱和共同的敵人中* 插圖和拼貼畫的獨特風格讓人賞心悅目* 由迷幻音樂家Karl Lukas譜寫的非常陰森的電影配樂* 支持 Facebook 和 Twitter更多的信息、視頻及對每一個等級的提示請訪問以下網址