Heroes of Order & Chaos 混沌與秩序:英雄

 Team up and fight with your friends in the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) for mobile devices! Gather your teammates, strengthen your Heroes and wipe out the enemy base in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games.
In Sinskaald Rift, a mysterious region of Haradon, immortal warriors have been fighting for centuries. They are known as the Heroes of Order & Chaos!

♖ An exceptionally rich and addictive game ♖
• Choose between 30 unique and varied Heroes, from melee bruisers to devastating wizards
• Play for free with different characters, enjoying a changing rotation of free Heroes
• Develop and upgrade your skills and equipment throughout the game to overpower your foes and carry the game!
• Real-time action: roam over the map and lure your opponents to ambush them in the fog of war

♖ An immersive experience with friends or on your own ♖
• Fight solo or in multiplayer mode on two types of maps (3v3 or 5v5)
• Blend cooperation with buddies and competition against the opposing team into addictive games
• Develop team play and strategies to rule the world of Haradon

After the critically acclaimed MMORPG ""Order & Chaos Online"", discover this amazing free-to-play strategy game.
MOBA games are the perfect mix of RPG and RTS joined in multiplayer PVP! Enter the Heroes of Order & Chaos league and become legends!
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呼朋引伴與您的好友在行動裝置上初次體驗多人連線競賽 (MOBA) 的打鬥刺激!集結您的隊員一起參加令人鬥志高昂、節奏緊湊且引人入勝的競賽,加強英雄的戰力並掃蕩敵人陣營。

♖ 格外豐富且引人入勝的遊戲 ♖
• 可從 30 款各式各樣獨特的英雄中選擇您要的角色,從好戰拳擊手到毀滅精靈,任君挑選
• 免費試玩各種不同的角色,您可以變換角色,免費體驗整個系列的英雄戰力
• 遊戲進行期間,您可以加強及升級您的戰技與配備,壓制住敵方,贏得勝利!
• 即時行動:在地圖上漫遊,引誘對手進入您的埋伏範圍,然後在戰爭迷霧中突襲他們

♖ 您可單獨或與好友一起體驗 3D 虛擬實境 ♖
• 您可單打獨鬥或使用多人連線模式在兩種地圖上進行征戰 (3v3 或 5v5 對戰)
• 與好友同心協力撂倒敵隊,保證您戰到欲罷不能
• 設計團隊合作模式與戰略,統馭海洛頓人 (Haradon)

廣受好評的 MMORPG「秩序與混亂」Online 回來了,一探這個免費的策略遊戲。
MOBA 遊戲將 RPG 與 RTS 結合多人 PVP!加入混沌中建立秩序的英雄聯盟成為傳奇!
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