LINE Tools

Of course it features all the lovely LINE characters too!

Small font size giving you a head-ache? Want to use the mirror function in the dark? Need a flashlight, quick? Well “LINE Tools” is the app for you! It solves all these problems and so much more!

★★★★★ Main Features ★★★★★

First set of tools include measuring tools, clocks, calculators and other convenient stuff! In fact there will be over 14 tools in 4 separate genres!

Many more tools are being developed as we write this, so keep your eyes open!

【The Lineup So Far】

★Measurement Tools
●Ruler, Protractor, Horizontal Gauge, Audio Level Monitor, Compass

●Stopwatch, Timer, Japanese Calendar

★Convenient Stuff
●Flashlight, Mirror, Magnifying Glass, Spaghetti Measurer

●Calculator, Japanese Year Converter

Supported OS: Android 2.2, 4.0 or higher
Recommended Devices: GalaxyS/S2/S3/note,Xperia acro/arc,
*Please note that some features may not work on devices without cameras, flashlights, and sensors, or when the program is run on devices which are otherwise not supported.

Also, please be aware that on devices other than those listed under the Recommended Devices above, there may be errors with the rulers and spaghetti measurers.

■ Please give us your feedback!
If you come across any problems please get in touch with us and tell us what went wrong. We will work on making it better!
You can contact us via the page below.
Please tell us the make and model of the device you are using, together with the Android OS version.

LINE Tools是將日常生活中各項方便的小工具集合在一起的免費應用程式。

LINE Tools裡的各項工具將是您的最佳選擇♪








■ 注意事項
建議機型:GalaxyS/S2/S3/note、Xperia acro/arc