My Horse

Live the dream of owning and looking after a realistic horse, and share the experience with your friends!

Care for your horse by grooming, feeding and treating it. Build a bond together in a wide range of interactive 3D activities. And, when you’re ready, there are eight different breeds to collect and look after!

Exciting show jumping events are waiting for you! Practice makes perfect as you train to compete in a series of challenging competitions. Keeping your horse happy and healthy is the key to success! Will you reach the World Championships?

Take pictures of your horse in action as it plays and eats in the paddock – it’s as if you’re really there!

Help each other out: visit your friends' stables to look after their horses – many hands make light work!

My Horse looks amazing. Watch how your horse moves and how its ears tell you its mood. Marvel at the Pinto horses – each one looking unique. Or soak up the atmosphere during a prestigious show jumping competition. My Horse brings you into a world that you won’t want to leave.

Download My Horse now to look after your very own horse!

Make sure you play online in order to get access to the latest content and features, as well as ensuring that your profile is saved should anything happen to your device.

PLEASE NOTE! My Horse is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. To prevent unauthorised purchases, select “Set or Change PIN” from the Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the “Use PIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required to enter your PIN before every transaction. Please be aware that this option is only available on Android OS 3.x and above.

Requires Android OS 2.2 or later.

My Horse is published by NaturalMotion Games and developed by MunkyFun, Inc.


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Recent changes:
Minor bug fixes


在遊戲中實現擁有和照顧自己馬匹的夢想,並與朋友分享經驗 !

通過梳理、 餵養和治療的方式來照顧你的馬。通過一系列3D互動遊戲和它建立深厚的友誼。並且,當你對遊戲熟悉之後,有八個不同品種的馬匹等你收集和照顧哦!

令人興奮的表演節目和跳躍賽事等著你們哦! 熟話說“熟能生巧”,通過訓練馬匹去參加一系列具有挑戰性的賽事。成功的關鍵則是保持馬匹健康快樂!你們能拿到世界競標賽冠軍嗎?

可以在馬匹玩耍和圍場攝食時候拍下各個瞬間 – 就像你真的在那裡一樣!

互相幫助:訪問好友的馬厩並照看他們的馬 – 團結力量大嘛!

遊戲畫質棒極了。觀察馬匹如何移動,從它的耳朵查看它的心情。你會驚異於每一匹馬都是獨一無二的。又或者感受一下著名的跳躍表演賽事那種激烈的氣氛。My Horse帶您進入一個其樂無窮,欲罷不能的世界。

現在就下載My Horse來照看只屬於你的馬吧!


請注意! My Horse是免費的,但它包含可用現金購買的物件。為了防止未經授權的採購,請從Google Play 設置功能表(Google Play是 Google为Android設備開發的線上應用程式商店)選擇“設置或更改密碼”,創建一個密碼,然後啟用“使用密碼採購”選項。在每次採購之前將要求您輸入密碼。需要注意的是此選項只在Android OS 3.x或更高版本才可用。

要求 Android 2.2 或更高版本。
My Horse由NaturalMotion Games出版,由 MunkyFun,Inc.開發

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