RockPlayer now goes release 2! It plays almost everything faster, audio video are synchronized perfectly, its user experience is optimized for touch screen and lots of features are added, like gestures to control playing.

** Don't panic if Google Play Store said your country is not support or not compatible with your device, you may download apk from to install. We support all 1783 kind of devices running Android 2.3 or higher.

Major features:

RockPlayer2 - high quality, fluent, multiple formats media player
Gesture control, srt subtitle, audio track selecting, RockShare file sharing, Customizable play control bar and more.

Major Features:

Play all formats fluently
• Video: mkv, avi, rmvb, flv, wmv, mov, mp4, ts, mpg, divx, etc
• Music: mp3, wma, aac, etc
• Lossless Audio: ape, flac, wav, aiff, etc
• Subtitle: srt (automatically load if srt with same name of video file exists)

* Exchange files between many devices over Wi-Fi
* Share to any RockPlayer2 user, both Android or iOS, more in future.

FreeSeek - Progress bar reinvented
* Designed for touch screen, the whole progress bar is draggable.
* It is easy to seek by thumb even holding by single hand.

Customizable play control bar
* Swipe on the bar to get another 5 buttons
* Long press any button to choose favorite buttons
* 15 buttons are available for all kinds of functions, more are coming.

Gesture control
* Pause playback - two fingers, tap
* Volume - one finger, tap right side or swipe in from right outer side
* Brightness - one finger, tap left side or swipe in from left outer side
* Fast forward - one finger, swipe left or right
* Stop playback - two fingers, pinch
* Show/Hide control bar - one finger, tap
* Show/Hide control buttons - one finger, swipe up/down

Media file management
* New folder, move, delete, rename, add to playlist
* Tap pencil icon at left top corner to edit
* Hide videos by shaking when items are selected in media library. To enter Konami code in search box to show them.

Network Streaming
* Built-in UPnP client
* Support multiple protocols, like HTTP, HLS, RTSP, etc

TV Support
• HDMI Mirroring

RockPlayer website :
Rock Player facebook:


RockPlayer 視頻播放器現在出2了! - 流暢播放各種媒體,播放能力更強,音畫完美同步,無以倫比的操作體驗,並已加入大量新功能:支持手勢控制,srt外掛字幕、音軌選擇、RockShare文件互傳、更有獨創的自定義面板,自由配置播放控制按鍵...

** 如果Google Play Store說不支持您所在的國家地區或不兼容您的設備,不用慌,您可以到http://rockplayer.com下載apk安裝。市場上已知的1720種運行Android 2.3以上的設備,我們都支持。


• 視頻:mkv, avi, rmvb, flv, wmv, mov, mp4, ts, mpg, divx...
• 音頻:mp3, wma, aac …
• 無損音頻:ape, flac, wav, aiff...
• 字幕: srt (自動加載與媒體文件同名的srt)
• 流媒體: RTST, HTTP, HLS 等

• 同一個WIFI內,多台設備之間文件互傳
• 跨平台互傳,可輕鬆在iOS和Android之間分享媒體文件

• 為觸控設備重新設計,整個進度條都可以拖拽
• 即使單手持機,也可用拇指輕鬆調進度

• 可左右劃動,現已容納10個按鈕
• 每個按鈕位置都可重新佈局(由長按按鈕開啟)
• 目前已有15個功能按鈕可供配置,以後還會陸續增加

• 暫停-雙指 單擊
• 退出-雙指 開合
• 快進-單指 左右劃動
• 亮度-單指 從左側屏幕外劃入
• 音量-單指 從右側屏幕外劃入
• 隱藏顯示控制條-單指 上下劃動

• 支持新建目錄,移動,刪除,重命名,添加至播放列表...
• 可通過左上角“鉛筆按鈕”開啟編輯
• 藏文件功能。在媒體庫編輯模式選好文件,搖一搖即可隱藏。在搜索框裡輸入魂斗羅30條命密技找回(用方向的英文首字母表示對應的鍵)。

• HDMI 鏡像 (部分設備)


RockPlayer 的官方網站:
Rock Player 的新浪微博: @RockPlayer

** RockPlayer2 支持Android 2.3及更高版本,如果您的設備運行的Andr​​oid系統版本早於2.3,請安裝RockPlayer 1.x。