Samurai Empire 武士朝代

“Rise as the Ultimate Hero and Conquer the Sengoku Era!! ”
Samurai Empire, A Sensational Card Battle game
and a unique blend of city building and RPG card battle!



■ Build your Empire!
Gather resources and power to attain victory!
Build up your empire and prepare for war!
If battles aren't your thing, don't worry! Not all empires are born out of war...

■ Collect Powerful Samurais!!
Hundreds of Samurais to collect!
Obtain Samurai cards from Capsule!
[FUSION] to level up cards to Conquer Battles and Dominate the Samurai Empire!!!

■ Time for Battle!!
Unite all lands and earn spectacular Rewards!
Complete the Treasure Collection and get RARE CARDS.
Be prepared to encounter Rival Warriors in the midst of battle!

■ Interact with fellow players

Make allies with fellow players! Visit friends and help their cities, and Greet them to earn Friend Points!
Hurry and get extraordinary Treasures that can only found with Friend Points.

■Rival warriors approaching!!
Join Forces with Friends to Defeat rival warriors!
Dominate rival warriors and Earn Rewards!
Special cards can only be attained from Battles!


■ Internet connection is required.
■ Android2.3 or above is required.

【Basic gameplay is FREE】
■ You can play the basic features of Samurai Empire for free, like the free Gacha, or building your empire.
■ You can also purchase paid content to further enhance your game experience!

A legend in composing music for numerous hit games worldwide. (Composer of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile)

Developer: NubeeTokyo


※ Samurai Empire is an online game and Internet connection is required to play.

※ Samurai Empire is a free-to-play game. However, for the purchase of in-game currency, you must have in-app billing set up.

Thank you for your support! We strive to make updates on a constant basis.

We are open to all suggestions and feedback from everyone!
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Recent changes:
Update ver 1.3.3
* Bug fixes.



《武士朝代》,Nubee Tokyo 與日本著名編曲家櫻庭統(Motoi Sakuraba)聯手打造,戰鬥感十足的卡牌RPG遊戲,融合城市經營玩法,全方位娛樂體驗。








※ 遊戲基本要求

1. 《武士朝代》可免費下載遊玩
2. 《武士朝代》需要連線使用,請確保網路環境的穩定
3. Android2.3 以上版本
4. 遊戲中,部分功能與道具須付費購買,請確認正確的App付費設定
※ 關於Nubee

感謝您對Nubee的支持,我們樂於接受您寶貴的建議,並積極改進更新遊戲。最新活動與消息都將在我們的官方網站與fan page露出。

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