Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock - Destroy tiredness instantly, no mercy!
The infamous merciless alarm clock finally makes its way to the Android!
"If you suck at getting up in the morning, this "merciless alarm clock" will quickly earn its subtitle by your bedside." - LifeHacker
Destroy tiredness instantly with Wake N Shake Alarm Clock. The alarm forces you awake by making you shake your phone like crazy to shut off the alarm. No mercy!
Once Wake N Shake goes off, there's nothing you can do but to shake it to submission. You can't lower the volume, you can't turn it off by hitting home. Your only way out is by shaking--and waking up.
★ Wake N Shake Alarm Clock Power Features ★
- Merciless shake function like you’ve never experienced
- 10 shake intensities that'll rip you out of your bed
- Sleep Timer: doze off with your own music
- Quick Naps: start a power nap with a single tap
- 24 creative alarm sounds
- Power interface optimized for use in the dark
Tip: Switch from clock to timer by simply tapping the numbers
★ Featured on Mashable, Life Hacker, MSNBC, TiPb, Gizmodo Brazil, and AppAdvice.
Get ready to punch your pillow in the face! Wake N Shake was built to wake you up, ready to seize the day. You can thank us by leaving a rating. And sending us some flowers. Thanks.