Not only in Japan, winning the # 1 ranking in the app free the United States, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, etc ... around the world! Appeared in the action puzzle "LINE ZOOKEEPER" popular more than 10 million people play has a new look!

Game is easy! Some people know "ZOOKEEPER", even those who do not know, now you can enjoy! It's basic free play!

★☆ How to play ☆★

◆ You will catch the animals and how?
You can catch the animals and replace the animals there, and three or more animals arranged in vertical or horizontal.

◆ and catch the animal, what do you become?
Score and caught more animals! I will be recorded as a "high score" was the best score.

High scores are used in two of the "overall ranking" of everyone just friends that are connected by LINE and Ranking "Friends", playing "ZOOKEEPER"!!

Attempt to update the high score aims to TOP!
OK too laid back to play your own pace, of course!

★ ☆ Hint of play! ☆ ★

◆ To Master active chain!
Immature is just looking, that the panel will disappear animal.
While the panel is off, please catch other animals more and more!
Chain is followed further, it is an opportunity of a large chain!

◆ Check the animal lucky!
Do not forget to check the lucky animal in the upper right corner of the screen! The panel of "lucky animal", scoring twice!

◆ Let's aim for the Fever!
Fever fires put out a certain number of panels and all the animals!
20 sheets panel is replaced by a panel of "lucky animals"
It's chance of scoring a large amount!