Tiny Troopers

Size doesn't matter to these miniature men of war.** Never miss a sale with the EA Daily Deals widget! Download today and discover the best play every day. ​​*http://goo.gl/ooIduTake control of a petite platoon of crack soldiers in a variety of wee warzones as you battle through an epic third-person-shooter campaign. Military-grade strategy, intense shooter action, outstanding 3D visuals and a wry smile make Tiny Troopers an unmissable combination of manic combat, monumental mirth and miniature marines.WAR! HUH. WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?Absolutely everything! Featuring awesome visuals, intuitive touch-controlled gameplay, varied missions and a great sense of humor, Tiny Troopers is the complete combat package.ENGAGE THE ENEMYYou control three highly trained tiny troopers on wild, exciting missions to take out the enemy, blow up structures, and escort civilians through war-torn battlegrounds. Your undersized infantry is on the frontline, and it's up to you to make sure they win big .WHAT'S THE MISSION?Tiny Troopers features 30 explosive missions spread across three chapters, all tied together to deliver an involving, narrative-driven campaign. Take part in the small soldiers' story as you attempt to crush the biggest enemy you've ever faced.GET PROMOTEDYour troops will get stronger and more battle-hardened the more missions they survive. Upgrade your wee warriors' weaponry as you complete missions and earn big rewards. Can you keep your small squad alive through the whole war? Work your way up the reduced- sized ranks and find out in Tiny Troopers!There is a known issue with the remove ads button not doing anything. An update will resolve this shortly.For more information or support, please visit www.chillingo.comRecent changes:Fixed "Remove Ads" button對於這些微型人的戰爭來說大小並不重要,因為他們面對的是強大的敵人。在這些微型人的戰爭里大小並不重要。** 有了EA每日優惠窗口小部件,絕不錯過一次優惠!今天就下載,發現每一天的新鮮“玩意”。 **http://goo.gl/ooIdu在這場大型第三人射擊遊戲戰爭中,玩家要在不同的戰爭區裡控制一對小型精兵。軍事級別的策略,激烈的射擊場景,出色的3D視覺效果以及不羈的嘲弄造就了一場不容錯過的好戲:Tiny Troopers -一場狂躁的戰鬥,無限的歡樂和微型海軍陸戰隊的組合。戰爭!呵呵。到底有什麼好呢?絕對好用!逼真的視覺效果,直觀的觸摸控制式遊戲,不同的任務以及搞笑的幽默表達方式,Tiny Trooper堪稱完整作戰方案。與敵人交戰您可以控制​​​​三組訓練有素的小兵,接受令人興奮的任務去擊敗敵人,摧毀建築物,並護送飽受戰爭蹂躪的平民通過戰場。你的小戰士一直沖在最前線,你的決策決定他們的輸贏。任務是什麼?Tiny Troopers 在三個章節裡設有30個爆炸性的任務,所有任務緊密相連在一起,環環相扣形成一場敘事劇場。加入這些小戰士的劇場竭力擊敗你面臨的前所未見的強大的敵人。部隊進化隨著你的部隊久經沙場完成更多的任務,他們生存下來的力量也會更強大。完成任務就能升級武器,並獲得巨大的回報。你能保證你的小戰隊在整個戰爭中活下去嗎?讓我們在Tiny Troopers 中拭目以待!欲了解更多信息或支持,請訪問www.chillingo.com。