Epic Battle Dude

Being king and living in a big castle may be all fun and games… until monsters invade your home, knock you out and kidnap your queen! This means war! Time to dust off sword, shield and chainmail and teach those pesky monsters a lesson!

✔Action-packed gameplay with RPG-elements
✔Tactical real-time combat system
✔3 types of attack, over 50 weapons
✔Diverse enemies that require different tactics
✔Deadly traps and mighty power-ups
✔50 challenging levels in 4 unique locations

EPIC BATTLE DUDE is an innovative fantasy action game with RPG elements and tactical real-time combat. Use sword, axe and mace to fight vicious monsters and turn the tide of battle by making tactical use of deadly traps and mighty power-ups! Loot lavish treasures and buy powerful magic weapons for maximum carnage! Hack and slash your way through 50 levels filled with hordes of challenging enemies and become the ultimate EPIC BATTLE DUDE!

From the developer of:
Guns and Glory, Guns & Glory WW2, Clouds & Sheep, Super Dynamite Fishing, Townsmen, Epic Battle Dude, Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom, Farm Invasion USA, Save the Puppies, Tattoo Tycoon, Happy Vikings, Panzer Panic, Shark or Die, Casino Crime, Bulldozer, Cyberlords - Arcology, Candy Carnage, Tattoo Mania & Infecct.

Recent changes:
Major code revamp that should make the game run smoother across all devices.


成為王者並居住在大城堡裡,可能就是所有的快樂和遊戲… 直至怪獸侵入您的家園,將您 KO並劫持你的王后! 這就是戰爭! 是時候抖落寶劍、盾牌和鎖子甲上的灰塵,教訓那些討厭的怪獸!

✔動作類遊戲部分,帶有 RPG 元素
✔3 種攻擊類型,50 多種武器
✔4 個獨特戰場,共計 50 個挑戰性難關

EPIC BATTLE DUDE是一部創新性夢幻動作遊戲,有 RPG 元素和巧妙的即時戰鬥。 使用或劍、斧和狼牙棒同兇猛的怪獸戰鬥,並巧妙使用死亡陷阱和重型武器掀開第二波戰鬥! 搶掠大量財寶,並購買強大的魔法武器,以實現最大屠殺! 披荊斬棘,乘風破浪,勇克 50 道充滿挑戰性敵群的難關,成為至高位上的史詩戰帥哥!