Marble Mixer

Bring the party home with Marble Mixer, a modern twist on the classic game of marbles!

Have a blast playing with marbles all over again in this terrific 1-4 player game for the entire family. With Marble Mixer, the strategy, skill and fun come to life in three fantastic new ways:

I. Space Mania: Shoot for points while removing your opponent's marbles from the playing field on this retro-arcade board.
II. Table Tactics: Show your calm and calculating expertise as you strategize to conquer the board.
III. Monster Picnic: Enjoy the fast-and-furious chaos of feeding the marble munching monster.

* 1-4 player party game with three innovative modes
* Simple flick-and-shoot controls
* Cool and collected or fast and frenzied play styles
* Realistic physics and high quality visuals
* A good time with friends and family, aged 2-102!