Rescue Roby

★★★ As a Valentine's Day present, 100 brand new levels were added! Once you reach level 71 in the new Love Story chapter, you'll be helping Colonel Green meet Major Robashka!

Rescue Roby is an exciting new physics-based puzzle game designed by Runaway Studios - the casual play division of the preeminent app developer, Intellijoy.

Runaway Studios' mission is to create a new category of handcrafted artisanal game apps, complete with one-of-a-kind immersive narratives, stunning graphics and unique game mechanics designed to inspire mobile gamers all over the world.

★ Features ★

● Rescue Roby is a unique physics-based puzzle game designed for players aged from 7 to 77+.

● A brain-teasing puzzler, Rescue Roby offers a unique robot-themed narrative, stunning graphics, realistic physics, compelling characters, and addictive and diverse game mechanics that will provide hours of mobile gaming fun!

● This challenging brain teaser comes complete with 4 dynamic chapters and 180+ play levels that pack a punch by getting harder as you advance.

★ The Story ★

Rescue Roby will take you on a wild, fantastical ride. Quirky yet adorable, Roby fails the quality inspection because of his odd looks and eccentric behavior. Instead of being shipped to his new owners, Roby is condemned to the scrap metal bin.

★ Your Mission ★

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help Roby avoid his fate and escape the robot factory.

This task is not for the faint of heart, as you'll soon discover. Roby must either use or take abuse from moving conveyor belts, suspended scaffolding, exploding boxes and giant magnets that quickly attract all metal objects (including robots) into their magnetic field.

Escape is just a crane ride away. Help Roby get into the box, and he'll get carried to the next level.

★ Our Mission ★

Stay tuned for new updates including: more addicting game zones, play mechanics, obstacles + challenges and more advanced play levels to extend your mobile fun.

● 救救小羅比是一款獨特的物理式策略遊戲並專為7至100位玩家以上而設。
● 救救小羅比有著獨特的機械式主題故事、精美的畫面、真實的物理設定、引人注目的角色還有吸引和多樣化的遊戲系統,絕對能成為一款可以消磨幾小時之久的流動遊戲!

★ 故事 ★

★ 您的任務 ★

★ 我們的任務 ★
保持繼續更新,包括: 更多吸引的遊戲地圖、大玩遊戲設定、障礙物還有挑戰,與及更多的神奇關卡,這樣就能延長您的流動休閒時間。