Crazy Defense 3D

"Crazy Defense 3D" is a new 3D tower defense game acclimated in realistic scenaries and its totally FREE to download in any android device.

Is not a typical tower defense game. In this game you help Dan, a man thought to be crazy and that has been carried to a psychiatric center for strange behaviors. Dan has the ability to control objects around him with his mind, but he cant control them very well and he is believed to be dangerous.

Dan receives as medication some pills that curiously help him to improve the control of his power.

Control Dan's power to get all the pills you can and help him dont to get trapped!

The game is compatible with all resolutions but its preferred to be installed in HD devices for better game experience and performance.

Special characteristics:

- Interactive Menu 3D very detailed.
- Collisions between enemies
- Mechanics never seen before in tower defense games
- Dynamic pathfinding (you can move, improve, sell, set new towers and enemies will instantly avoid them finding the
shortest way to get to Dan)

- Innovative topic never seen before in a tower defense game
- 3 Innovative challengues with 18 levels each one. All of them maintaining the same aesthetic.

- Strategy challengue: Test your intelligence to create the best strategies for each challengue!
- Box challengue: Check your skill moving boxes to delay your enemies!
- Pac-Dan: Play a Pacman-game within a Tower Defense taking all the pills you can!

Other characteristics:

- Survival mode with a large amount of rounds to overcome.
- Save your survival scores both in local and ONLINE tables.
- Funny sounds and voices recorded by friends and the same developers (all originals).
- Up to 10 possible improvements for each tower, improving force, distance...
- More than 15 funny characters with custom animations and sounds.
- 8 differents enemies(with their bosses) and 10 levels for each.
- Massive hability to untie all the accumulated Dan power during the game.
- 3 languages translated by us and some friends(English,Spanish and Basque).
- Step by step tutorial for learning to play
- Introduction comic.
- A map to see the progress in game and the unlocked content.
- Some surprises as you get pills!

And not only that. We will make updates in order to fix bugs, add new content based on users opinions.

Thank you and enjoy the game! it`s totally FREE! :)

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