Train Legend

**Happy 1st Anniversary to our friends at GooglePlay!**
Thanks for the Feature and the awesome effort & support!

Get addicted to colorful puzzles!

The King has gone LOCO-motives! You have been ordered by the King to travel around all the Kingdom on this planet to search for the King's treasure: LOCOMOTIVES.
By helping the Kingdoms fix their railroad system, you will be rewarded with the train parts needed to assemble the coveted iron vehicle.

You need help, you say?
Awh, geez, all you need to do is connect the stations with the same color!

Well, good luck!


- Red goes to red as blue goes to blue
- Fill up ALL the land, the Leaders hate wasteland
- Use as little move as possible, hey, it pays to be lazy!


**100+ simple yet addicting puzzles**
**Smooth swipe controls**
**Collectibles to unlock**
**Puzzle Generator**
**Neat graphics**
**Endless hour of brain training fun!**