Race against the clock!

It sounds simple enough: Just try to guess the five letter word. You’ll have five guesses to do it and we’ll even give you the first letter. No problem, right? Well, you’d better be quick because the clock is ticking, and if you take too long...BOOM!

Did you hear that? That was a Wordsplosion! — and the next one you hear might be your last!

Performance-based hint system!

If you keep a clear head and a steady hand you’ll earn free letters to help you out when you get in a jam. The more words you guess, the more hints you’ll get. Who knows, with enough practice you might even see your name in the high scores.

Huge Dictionary

From Abyss to Zesty, if it is a five letter English word, you’ll find it in Wordsplosion! We chucked out a few for being too hard (and a few more to keep it clean), but you’d be hard pressed to find a word we forgot about.

How long can you go before the detonator blows? It’s time to find out. It’s time to play the fast-paced word game that always keeps you guessing: Wordsplosion!

Game Features:
Wordsplosive, rapid-fire word game action!
Letter-ifically huge dictionary with thousands of possible words!
Gorgeous graphics and bomb-tastic sound effects!
Dozens of challenging Achievements
Performance-based hint system
Leaderboards for competitive ranking