Crazy Star

Crazy Popping Star is a wildly addictive match two shooter game!
Whether you played the "Brizzle", "Pop star", or "Babo Crash", you should try to play "Crazy Star", it's newest and very addicting!
Tap on two or more adjacent stars to make them burst, and try to scoring as many points as possible on each level.
Start playing "Crazy Star" and you won't regret!

1. Don't rush! there is no time limit, you need to think ahead.
2. Breaking the stars continuously can get more points.

How to play:
- Scoring points by breaking the boxes.
- Tap on two or more same boxes to make the stars popping.
- Scoring the target points to level up.

* Challenge Mode - Easy, Medium, Hard.
* Infinite levels.

Tags: Popstar, Popping Star, Casual and Gem games.