DashClock Music Extension

Shows the currently playing track, album, and artist on the DashClock Widget

NOTE: DashClock does not allow me to add buttons to the listing, so until support for that is added I will not be able to add play controls.

Works with:

Google Music
GoneMAD Music Player
Android Music Player
PlayerPro (enable scrobbling or AVRCP)
Rocket Player (enable scrobbling)
Official Last.FM Player
n7player (enable scrobbling)
Winamp (enable scrobbling and last.fm player needs to be installed)
Grooveshark (enable scrobble to simple last.fm)
Shuttle (enable scrobbling)
JRTStudio Android Music Player
Bubbleupnp (enable scrobbling)
Mixzing (enable scrobbling)

Partial Support (Able to show song info but cannot detect if playing or paused):

Unfortunately both Spotify and Pandora do not broadcast any playing info so they can not be supported. Jet Audio's scrobbling is broken so until that is fixed it will not be able to be supported either. Other players not listed might also work, but have not been tested. If the player supports last.fm scrobbling, it most likely will work if turned on.

To add support for your app, implement one of the apis listed here: http://bit.ly/YrBwz3

DashClock Music Extension requires DashClock Widget by Roman Nurik:

Email any suggestions/issues to gonemadsoftware@gmail.com or visit the forums: http://gonemadmusicplayer.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=feedback

Translations for the settings can be added here: http://www.getlocalization.com/DashClockMusicExtension/