The great big multiplayer strategy game that gives you the unfair advantage.
- Indie
- MMO (massive multiplayer online)
- RTS (real time strategy)
- Time Travel
- Massive Persistent Universe
Embark on an epic crusade across all of space and time in real time. From humble beginnings in a safe green valley, explore and conquer thousands of realms by land and by sea.
Collect resources, build an army, and crush those who dare challenge you (or just plant flowers and raise ponies).
There are 64 different unit types in Ironfell with 50 more, including time machines and dinosaurs, on the way. And things are just getting started. Buckle up baby, 'cause we're blasting off into space!
Player comments:
“i think i have enough resources to completely cover the islands in wood walls so nobody could move” ... LEVEL7
”The best part of my strategy was probably running away.” ... Erik the Hay
“Theres an android app? Social life = dead”... The_Dark_Knight
Ironfell is 100% self-funded, and David is not looking for additional investment. The plan is to earn enough to pay for rent and the occasional pub lunch.