Magicka - Wizards of the Square Tablet: Now you can accidentally set your friends on fire from anywhere!"Hands down, Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet is one of the best action-adventure games I've ever played on my iPad." - (5/5)"...probably the most fun I've ever had with an iPad." - 148Apps (Editor's Choice - 4.5/5)"This is 2D brawling taken to the next level and the free-form magic system means you'll always have a novel way to dispatch the goons (and even friends) around you."- AppSpy (5/5)From the publisher that brought you Magicka, it's more Magicka! Featuring the innovative and dynamic spellcasting system from the critically acclaimed PC hit, Wizards of the Square Tablet brings to your Android those lovable robed rascals from the popular RPG spoof. Now you can bring them with you wherever you go, in a brand new campaign set before the original tale of Magicka.Touch, tap, poke, and prod your way through the new campaign by yourself, or “accidentally” obliterate your friends in multiplayer co-op, which supports up to four wizards! Play together with fellow mages across multiple platforms, which may co- exist in the same game session thanks to a twisted union made possible by dark sorcery!Cast your spells across multiple levels, and unlock new powers unique to the mobile Magicka experience. Experience the humor and chaos of this satirical fantasy world, and don't worry too much if your tablet isn't exactly a square!Features:* Combine elements to create thousands of spell combinations* All-new campaign for single or multiplayer* Cross-platform co-op* 4-player mayhem with many “accidental” team-kills* New items and powers unique to the Android* Spend hours touching a representation of yourselfMagicka – 方形平板電腦的巫師:不管你身在何處,都可以和朋友一塊點燃戰火!在Magicka發行公司的努力之下,讓魔法更加盛行了!現在,這個來到方形平板電腦上的巫師,將會把著名的搞笑角色扮演遊戲搬進Android平台,延續PC熱門遊戲那直觀、倍受好評、動態的施法系統。你可以在看著這些身披長袍的可愛搗蛋鬼跑來跑去,體驗原汁原味的Magicka原創故事,並試試全新的戰役組合;走到哪邊就玩到哪邊!點選、輕觸、戳刺與拖曳,靠自己的力量披荊斬棘,在全新戰役開創自己的道路;或是在多人連線合作之下,「不經意」害死你的朋友,最多可以四人同樂!感謝黑暗法術形成的扭曲聯盟,現在眾巫師可以從不同平台,加入同一場遊戲中!在一個又一個關卡施展法術,並解開行動版Magicka體驗中獨特、全新的能力。好好享受這個奇幻世界中的幽默感與混雜劇情,就算你的平板電腦不夠方,也毋需擔心! 遊戲特色:• 多種元素結合,可以創造出上千種的魔法• 為單人或多人遊戲,提供了全新的戰役• 跨平台的合作遊戲• 4位玩家連線大破壞,包括許多「意外」性的相互陷害• 在Android提供獨家、全新物品與能力• 設計出你的外觀,就可以花上數小時