Note Anytime

### Appy Awards 2013 Finalist
### Note Anytime is now available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean!
More than a simple note taking app, Note Anytime is also a powerful drawing app, PDF annotation tool, interactive browser, virtual whiteboard and more. Note Anytime is a universal note taker and sketching software for iOS, Android and Windows.

With cross-platform support on all mobile devices, Note Anytime allows you to take a note or sketch around anything, anywhere, anytime. You can combine handwritten or typed notes with photos and graphics on various paper styles, add sketches and drawings, scale your paper up to a whiteboard or down to a sticky note, and then share it to social networks. Take a Note – Anything, Anywhere…with Note Anytime. Get it now while it is still free!

Generous Variety of Paper and Pens – You are given a generous variety of pen styles and colors which can be customized to your preference for thickness, color and transparency. Paper styles in the item library include stationery, calendars, note types and even musical scores. Additional paper layouts are available from the in-app store.
Calligraphy Pens – The free version of Note Anytime even offers perfect curve correction and highly stylized lettering with calligraphy pens. Artists will appreciate the advanced calligraphy options also available from the in-app store.
Digital Scrapbooking – You can combine any number of elements and redesign in your composition: handwritten text, keypad input, and photos from the device camera, imported jpeg graphics, a PDF file or even a web page.
PDF Annotation – Even the free version of Note Anytime allows you to import a PDF file, markup and enhance with a few simple clicks.
Scaling Functions – With zoom levels of up to 50X scaling and the size of over 25 feet in diameter, no other note application can give you the powerful graphic and photo editing quality of Note Anytime. You can shrink your creations down to the size of a sticky note or up to the size of a billboard while still maintaining 100% visual integrity.
Jump to Feature – You never have to worry about navigating around your document with the easy Jump feature. Any part of your drawing or document can be tagged for easy navigation and retrieval later.
Web page Import and Export – Note Anytime acts as an interactive browser which allows you to go out to a website, import the site as a graphic and then markup, scale, rotate, annotate, and export the result as a high resolution jpeg graphic.
High Resolution Graphics – The vector based authoring tools in Note Anytime not only allow you to collapse or expand any graphic without losing visual integrity – but it also allows drawings to be saved as individual jpeg graphics into the item library for infinite reuse later. Even text boxes are treated like high resolution graphics which can be rotated, scaled or moved anywhere within your workspace.
Social Media Sharing Capability – Unlike other note taking applications, Note Anytime allows you to easily output your new creations via email, social media sharing services (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), or saved to Dropbox and Digital Cabinet.
Cloud Based Storage Free – Note Anytime even offers convenient batch upload to its own cloud based storage service called Digital Cabinet with 2GB for free.
Automatic Sync Across Platforms – When you register for Digital Cabinet, you will never have to worry about losing your data, sketches and drawings or any other critical documents. Automatic save and synchronization means you can pick up where you left, no matter what device you are on. You can sketch a drawing on your Android, pick it up on your iPad and then send it to your Windows 8 desktop without ever losing your work.


### Appy Awards 2013 入圍
### Note Anytime 繁體中文版搶鮮推出。
Note Anytime 不光是供人記下筆記的應用程式而已,它更是強大的繪圖應用程式、PDF 註記工具、互動式瀏覽器、虛擬白板等等。Note Anytime 是針對 iOS、Android 和 Windows 開發的通用筆記工具。


多種紙張樣式與筆刷 – Note Anytime 推出的免費版本雖然不收費,但在功能和元素上可不馬虎,多種筆記筆刷、顏色供您自訂,濃淡、顏色和透明度任君搭配。項目庫裡的紙張樣式有信紙、行事曆、筆記等,甚至樂譜也包括在內。其他紙張版型可在 In-App Store 購得。
書法筆刷 – Note Anytime 免費版本甚至以書法筆刷提供完美曲線修正和極具風格的書寫。嘉惠藝術家的進階書寫選項,也可從 In-App Store 購得 。
製作數位拼貼簿 – 您可以在創作裡面結合無數元素,再予以重新設計:手寫文字、螢幕小鍵盤輸入、來自裝置相機的相片、匯入的 jpg 格式圖畫、PDF 檔案或甚至網頁。
PDF 註記 – 就算是 Note Anytime 免費版本也可讓您匯入 PDF 檔案、標記和加強,只需輕鬆點擊幾下即可完成。
放大縮小功能 – 最大放大 50 倍,尺寸直徑可超過 25 呎,再也沒有其他筆記應用程式能給您如此強大的繪圖與相片編輯品質。您可以將創作縮放,最大可達告示板、最小可至便利貼尺寸,無論尺寸大小,都可保有 100% 創作表現的完整度。
「前往」功能 – 有了簡易好用的「前往」功能,您不必擔心要如何瀏覽文件。您的繪圖或文件的任一部份都可加上標籤,以供稍後瀏覽和取出。
網頁匯入和匯出 – Note Anytime 可如互動瀏覽器般作用,讓您前往網站,把網站當做圖片般匯入,然後予以標記、縮放、旋轉、標註,接著把最後成品以高解析度 jpg 格式圖片匯出。
高解析度圖片 – Note Anytime 裡的向量式編輯工具,讓您收合或擴展圖片也不會失去創作的表現整體性,卻又能將繪畫以個別 jpg 圖片的格式存入項目庫,供往後無限使用。就算是文字框也被當做高解析度圖片處理,可旋轉、縮放或移至工作空間內的任何地方。
社交媒體分享能力 – 有別於其他筆記應用程式,Note Anytime 讓您能利用電子郵件、社交媒體分享服務 (Facebook、Twitter、Tumblr) 輕鬆輸出新創作,或儲存在 Dropbox 和數位櫃 (Digital Cabinet)。
免費雲端式儲存 – Note Anytime 甚至提供便利的批次上傳到其雲端式儲存服務,我們稱之為「數位櫃」(Digital Cabinet) 更給您免費的 2GB 儲存容量。
自動跨平台同步 – 當您註冊「數位櫃」服務,就再也不必擔心遺失資料、草圖和繪圖,或任何其他重要文件。自動儲存和同步意味著不論您使用哪種裝置,都可以從上次結束工作的地方接軌。您可以在 Android 裝置上為一幅圖畫打草稿,在 iPad 接著畫,然後傳送到您的 Windows 8 桌上電腦,工作完全不流失。