PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player)

Let's listen to music for free using PVSTAR+! Thanks for 2 million downloads!

You can make and manage playlist for Youtube, DailyMotion videos and MV. Moreover, continuous playback, background playback, repeat playback are also supported.

The main features are as follows.
- Video search (YouTube, DailyMotion, NicoVideo)
- Voice search
- Search Youtube playlists
- Search Youtube channels
- Category Search
- Playlist playback
- Background playback
- Repeat playback
- Shuffle playback
- Mylist (up to 100)
- Wallpaper on Mylist
- Backup Mylist
- Video title and summary can edit
- Sleep Timer
- Popular video ranking
- Music mode
- #NowPlaying, timeline playback on Twitter
- Tweet video
- Video cache function
- Low quarity mode(for slow network)
- Automatically stopped when the earphone disconnected.
- Open in PVSTAR when you open the URL in other app.
- Import playlists from Youtube or NicoVideo.
- Viewing related videos
- Widget
- Easy operation
- System also supports Android 4/3

[Very easy operation]
- Continuous playback of music ranking. Listen to popular songs at once!
- Video search by artist. Selected from the search results, continuous playback!
- If you make a mylist, your favorite album is completed! Even wallpaper can be set!
- As it is playing a YouTube playlist. Effort to create a mylist is not required!
- Playing in the background. You can listen while your work!

[Also active in this scene]
- Classification into a list of your favorite music videos, repeat playback.
- You can play in the background, while you are out.you enjoy using your earphones.
- Also convenient to commuting time. Last Night your made mylist, it is usefull.
- Set the sleep timer before sleep, you can also play.
- Continuous playback in the playlist the video of the series.
- Also active in the drive. Please try to connect to the car audio.

Please find your original usage.

Q. Playback is interrupted, or stop.
A. Please use it,choose a location a good time zone or radio wave, the line status. The bandlimited condition, can not be played.

Q. Can not play in the background.
A. The cause is the setting and or other apps. Please exit other apps, it needs sufficient memory.

Q. Can not play at all.
A. Please restart the android and use the latest version of the app.

Q. Other Inquiries
A. Refer to the help and troubleshooting, please check the method of operation.

Please feel free to contact us.

[About permissions]
- full Internet access
For search and get video information.
- modify/delete SD card contents
For video cache and wallpaper.
- view network state
For advertisement, For the selection of video quality.
- prevent phone from sleeping
For play music.

- By specification, the playback is interrupted when returning from the background.
- This app do the video streaming. For streaming video playback, we recommend a highspeed, such as Wi-Fi.(Works with 3G.)
- Your playback may stop by the set task killer and eco setting. Task killer, eco setting, please use it off. You may need to reboot after you set it.
- You can only watch videos compatible MP4.
- Due to a change in the specification of the video sites, you may not be able to view, temporarily. In that case, Please wait for update.

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