Week Calendar

★★ GET THE NO 1. IPHONE CALENDAR APP ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE ★★Week Calendar is the most user friendly and all-round calendar app worldwide for everyone that needs to manage a busy schedule. Week Calendar works without setup using the Exchange, Google and other calendars you have configured on your Android device.★ FAST AND EASY TO USEYou're too busy to spend a lot of time managing your schedule. That's why adding, repeating and moving events is made easy in Week Calendar. With its magnificent interface and intuitive usability, working with Week Calendar is a pleasure for both casual as extensive professional users.★ CALENDAR OVERVIEWWeek Calendar provides a clear and detailed overview based on day, week, (mini)month or year level. Set one or more calendars to display simulteaous, each with it's own color, to easily sync work, home and project schedules.★ PACKED WITH USEFUL FUNCTIONSMove your appointments by simply dragging, copying and pasting. Clear up a busy schedule by assigning different colours or Emoji's/icons to your appointments and events. Powerful reminder functions make sure you'll always remember your events. Customize week numbers and many other functions to suit your own personal needs.★ ENHANCE YOUR CALENDAR WITH HOLIDAYS, SPORTS AND OTHER EVENTSVisit our Calendar Store to add additional subscriptions to sports games, national holidays and more to your calendar. Accidentally scheduling an appointment on your free day now belongs to the past!★ MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES:- Magnificent overview of your appointments and events in day, week, month and year view- Simply reschedule or copy/paste events using drag and drop- Homescreen widget for fast calendar access- Assign emoji's/icons to your events- Event templates for events you often create- Works without setup for all calendars on your Android device (Exchange, Outlook, Google, Facebook, etc)- Quickly add events on the right time using tap-and-hold- Pinch to zoom for a perfect fit in your screen- Link contacts to events- Advanced repetition rules- Invite participants/ share appointments and events by e-mail- Time zone support for people who travel- Adaptable week numbers- Hide weekends when there are no appointments- Customizable action menu for easy access to often used functionsDo you have questions, complaints or comments? We are more than willing to help or solve any of your questions quickly, we're known for excellent and fast support. You can find the most frequently asked questions on our support website or just drop us a line.Recent changes:Added homescreen widgetsAdded support for:Norwegian, Czech, Portuguese Brasil, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Finnish, Slovak, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Turkish,Chinese, Arab
★★ 在您的Andr​​oid設備上使用最佳的IPHONE日曆應用程序★★Week Calendar是全球最好用的全方位日曆應用程序,面向每個需要管理繁忙日程的人士。 Week Calendar無需設置,直接使用您在Android上設置的Exchange、Google和其他日曆。★ 快速且易於使用你太忙了,沒有大量的時間來管理您的日程安排。這就是為什麼在Week Calendar中添加、重複和移動事件會那麼簡單。 Week Calendar擁有華麗的界面,直觀易用,對於普通用戶和大量專業用戶而言,使用Week Calendar都是一件令人愉快的事情。★ 日曆概要Week Calendar按日、週、月或年提供清晰詳細的日曆概要。設置一個或多個日曆可同時顯示,每個都擁有自己的顏色,輕鬆同步工作、家庭和項目日程安排。★ 包含大量有用功能通過簡單拖動、複製和粘貼即可移動約會。您可以為約會和事件指定不同的顏色或表情符號/圖標,便於區分繁忙的日程。強大的提醒功能確保您永遠記得您的事件。自定義週數等多種功能可滿足您的個人需求。★ 通過假期、體育和其他活動增強您的日曆訪問我們的Calendar Store,可將額外的體育比賽、節假日以及其他訂閱添加到您的日曆。現在,您再也不會意外地在您休息的日子里安排一次約會了!★ 最重要的功能:- 以日、週、月和年視圖瀏覽約會和事件概述- 通過拖放輕鬆重新安排或複制/粘貼事件- 主屏幕小插件可快速訪問日曆- 為事件指定表情符號/圖標- 針對經常創建事件的事件模板- 無需設置Android設備上的所有日曆(Exchange、Outlook、Google、Facebook等)即可使用- 點選並按住即可在合適的時間快速添加事件- 捏拉即可縮放至合適屏幕大小- 將聯繫人與事件關聯- 高級重複規則- 通過電子郵件邀請參與者/共享約會和事件- 時區支持方便旅行人士- 可修改的周數- 沒有約會時可隱藏週末- 可自定義的操作菜單方便訪問經常使用的功能您有問題、投訴或意見?我們非常願意提供幫助,快速解決您的任何問題,我們以快速一流的支持而稱著。您可以在我們的支持網站上找到最常見的問題,也歡迎您與我們聯繫。