Swipe out Evil! Create a powerful team in this beautiful arcade action game. Collect dozens of unique fighters to drive back the evil of The Void and control the mighty forces trapped in the Battlestones. With the swipe of your finger you can deliver over-the-top attack combinations to fend off hordes of enemies. Discover and train your squad of heroes and seamlessly swap them in battle to use all of their special powers to defeat evil.

Explore a stunning 3D world that unfolds before you on your quest.
Touch control combat: intuitive, easy to use touching and swiping attack moves: Create combination attacks with special abilities to take down multiple enemies in a single move.
Create dozens of heroes: use the Battlestones you win to summon new and rare heroes with unique powers.
Customize how you want to upgrade your hero's abilities.
Swap heroes quickly in battle: switch heroes in the middle of the action to survive oncoming challenges.
Battle other players: fight your friends and other players to win powerful Battlestones.
Built-in guilds and weekly guild tournaments.

Note: Requires an Internet connection to play and 600MB of storage.

To contact Customer Support, please follow the steps below:
1. Tap the Global Navigation icon in the top-right corner (the Global Navigation icon has 3 horizontal lines.)
2. Tap the Settings icon (the Settings icon looks like a set of gears.)
3. Tap the "Help" icon.
4. Input your email address, a detailed description of your issue, and tap "Submit.
5. Zynga Customer Support will review your issue and contact you within 48 hour

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Recent changes:
Battlestone gets MAJOR updates in this release!
-Hero Summoning’s been overhauled to be more intuitive and simpler!
-Heroes no longer lose health as they move, and heal instantly on level completion!
-We’ve added a Spirit system! Use Spirit to play missions and fight in PVP!

We’ve crushed MORE bugs to make your experience more enjoyable!
Uses less storage and you can now use external storage for the game!