Combo Crew

In a world where a fist to the face is a perfectly viable solution, Mr. Boss has it all. Now he wants to break the greatest fighters ever! Trapped in his giant tower, you must fight your way to the top to take him down ! Inspired by classics like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Street Fighter, Combo Crew is pure rumble with no virtual buttons to mess up your moves.

Touch controls are smooth, responsive, and easy to learn: one-finger swipe to punch / kick, tap to counter, and two-finger swipes for special combos. When your super combo gauge fills up, all hell breaks loose—beat down the bad guys with hectic in-your-face combo streaks!

Play this action-packed brawler alone or call in your whole crew! You can rescue online friends from KO (or have them rescue you) and compete for high scores on global leaderboards. Quick melee brawls in arena-style levels make Combo Crew perfect for intense bursts of gaming on the go. But with hundreds of missions, unlockables, and an endless mode, you'll keep coming back for more.

▶ Features:
• Fight with your fingers: slash enemies to trigger crazy combos, tap to guard. A modern beat 'em up with no virtual D-pad!
• The first mobile brawler with asynchronous multiplayer across devices. Rescue your friends, or be rescued by them!
• A true arcade experience with a great combo system and super moves.
• Several heroes with unique combat styles and more than 80 moves to master.
• Hundreds of missions - complete them solo or compete for high scores against online friends.
• An endless scoring mode, unlockables, and collectibles - a ton of replay value.
• Log in to sync automatically between your devices.
• Languages​​: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.

在一個拳頭說了算的世界,鮑斯老大擁有一切。現在,他要和這個星球上最偉大的戰士格鬥!你被困在他的巨塔之中,打出塔頂去放倒他! Combo Crew 是一款純格鬥遊戲,其靈感源自怒之鐵拳、快打旋風、街頭霸王等經典作品,但招式不再受限於虛擬按鍵。

遊戲的觸控體驗流暢而靈敏,各項功能簡單易學:單指掃動出拳/踢腿,輕按防禦,雙指掃動則可使出特定的連擊。當你的超級連擊條充滿時,混戰即開始— 以瘋狂的連擊招式乾倒敵人!

你可以獨自玩這款動感十足的格鬥遊戲,亦可號召多人組隊一起玩!你可以KO 敵人拯救在線好友(或者讓他們來拯救你),亦可在全球排行榜中爭奪高分。競技場風格的快速混戰格鬥使得Combo Crew 成為一款極耐玩的激烈連擊遊戲。數以百計的任務、解鎖物品和無窮模式總會吸引你繼續奮戰。

▶ 功能特點:
• 用手指格鬥:劃過敵人即可觸發瘋狂的連擊,輕按則進行防衛。這是一款無需虛擬十字鍵的現代格鬥遊戲!
• 第一款跨設備異步多人格鬥遊戲。拯救你的好友,或者讓他們拯救你!
• 精彩的連擊玩法和超級招式帶給你真正的街機體驗。
• 數位勇士的獨特格鬥風格和80 多種招式。
• 數以百計的任務- 單獨完成,或者和在線好友競奪高分。
• 無窮得分模式、解鎖物品和收集物品- 值得重玩下去。
• 登錄後可在各設備之間自動同步。
• 語言:英文、法文、意大利文、德文、西班牙文和葡萄牙文(巴西)。

“Combo Crew 優雅地擺脫了虛擬按鍵的束縛。如果說在今年的PAX East 遊戲展上非得選一款我最喜歡的遊戲,我選的很可能就是這款Combo Crew 格鬥遊戲。” ~