English Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典

The best Chinese English Dictionary app is now on Android phone and tablet. It covers over 170,000 words and phrases of the contemporary Chinese language (Both Traditional and Simplified Chinese), along with example sentences, audio pronunciations, fastest search speed, flexible search methods, and more …


★ Over 170K Chinese words & phrases
★ Example sentences
★ Audio pronunciation
★ Spelling suggestions
★ Search history record
★ Fastest search speed
★ Flexible search (by English, Chinese Handwriting (Strokes) & Mandarin Chinese’s Pinyin)
★ Share learning progress via social networks
★ Flashcard Display for every Chinese word
★ Optimized for Android phone and tablet

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Recent changes:
- Faster app launch and word searches, saving you time!
- Improvement for History function, easier to manage your history!
- Provision of "Show Phonetic" option in the Settings, fulfilling different user's needs!
- Optimization for 3G/4G downloads
- Reduction in memory usage
- Enhancements on UI
- Minor bug fixes

** Old history will not be carried to this update

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✰✰✰ 英語是全球通用的語言,要擁有國際視野,學懂全球通用語言是您的必然選擇。走向成功之門,儘快學會英文吧! ✰✰✰

✔ 詞庫豐富和速度最快的流動英中字典
擁有超過 170,000 字的詞庫,即時顯示查字結果,提供英語解釋和發聲功能。

✔ 聆聽,閱讀及學習!

✔ 靈活的查字方式

✔ 詞彙學習卡

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