GoHour 搵工網

GoHour is a job app that allows jobseekers to use our in-app GPS system to search for nearby job vacancies as well as to build your profiles or upload your CV to apply for jobs instantly.

Our mission is to use innovative technology to match employers and jobseekers with each other quickly and efficiently.

- Search nearby jobs using our GPS location system and apply instantly.
- Scan the QR codes of employers or job advertisement to browse and apply jobs easily.
- Besides searching through our GPS system, you can also search and browse jobs by job title, job category and employment type, according to your own preferences.
- Save your favorite jobs using your GoHour account.
- Check your application history anytime.
- Share job details with friends via Email, SMS and Facebook.

Learn more about us: www.gohour.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gohour
Recruitment hotline: 3977-5177
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求職者可以透過GoHour Android app,利用GoHour獨有的GPS地點搜尋系統,搜尋所在地附近的職位空缺,並可以即時填寫個人檔案或上傳簡歷,申請工作,捉緊身邊每個機會!


- 利用GPS搜尋附近的職位空缺並即時申請工作。
- 利用職位掃瞄器,掃瞄僱主及招聘廣告的QR code。這便可以立即知道特定僱主的職位空缺並即時申請。
- 除了強勁的GPS好工搜尋系統外,GoHour App亦提供其他搜尋條件以便搜尋工作(如:職位名稱, 工作類別及聘用形式)。
- 搜尋時把心水工作儲存。
- 隨時查看申請記錄。
- 透過Email, SMS, Facebook 與朋友分享工作信息。

了解我們: www.gohour.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gohour
招聘熱線: 3977-5177