MAYDAY! 緊急迫降

*** The number 1 Flight Simulation experience on iOS lands finally on Android! ***
More than 3.5 million pilots all around the world can't be wrong. Join today the most exciting flight sim experience and land your airplane saving all the passengers.
Emergency Landing makes you feel like a real aircraft pilot. Face the most dangerous weather conditions and aircraft failures and fly your passengers safely home.

You have just one objective: to land safely – easy to play, difficult to master. Will you make it?

•Handle your device like a real aircraft console.
•Maintain constant airspeed and secure a comfortable angle of descent by varying the engine power and using all the aircraft instrumentation.
•Progress through a wide variety of difficulty levels and increase your ranking to become a pro pilot.
•Face the most diverse weather conditions: heavy rain, fog, strong wind, turbulence, night landings.
•Manage heartbreaking airplane failures: flaps, gear, engine.
•5 breathtaking scenarios all around the world: countryside, desert, seaside, city, tropical islands.
•4 type of surfaces: landing strip, motorway, ground, water.
•40 missions, plus extra missions released monthly.

《MAYDAY! 緊急迫降》讓您覺得自己像一個真正的飛行員。面對最危險的天氣條件下和飛機故障,駕駛飛機讓乘客安全回家。
您僅有一個目標要實現:安全著陸- 上手容易,精通困難。您做得到嗎?
•5 個世界各地的驚險場景:農村、沙漠、海邊、城市、熱帶島嶼。
•4 種表麵類型:著陸跑道、高速公路、地面、水域。
•飛行40 架次,再加上每月公佈的額外飛行​​架次。