Pocket Monsters: Match 3 Game

Play the top FREE puzzle game alternative to Puzzle & Dragons on your Android device! Match 3 or more jewels of the same color to attack your enemies! Fight together with your Facebook friends against other monsters to hunt the legendary dragon! Collect hundreds of monsters and assemble an undefeatable team in this top FREE RPG game from Japan!

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Pocket Monsters: Dragon Puzzle is FREE and so addictive. It features an easy and well known game play: Match 3 or more jewels of the same color to attack your enemies! Unlimited puzzle combinations are possible: Move the jewels on the field anywhere and as far as you want! Try to do combos the way YOU like and want it! No limitations like in other free match 3 puzzle games! Download Pocket Monsters now for FREE and win the fights by matching as many same-colored diamonds at once to generate as many damage as possible. Heal yourself if your HP goes low!

Collect unique monsters and dragons to level them up and evolve them to the best possible team! Conjure 1 monster as the leader and choose up to 4 allied monsters as you explore dungeons and fight against others! Get unique and new monsters & dragons by completing dungeons or by using the magic dragon machine. Breed and raise RARE monsters! What monster do you get when you breed? Try it out!

Assemble an undefeatable team of Pokemon while combining your existing monsters with your other dragons or while powering them up with thousands of different ingredients.

Invite your Digimon friends through Facebook or by using their game ID and build together the most powerful team! You can always take one dragon of your friends with you! It will help you to become incredible powerful! The more friends you have, the more Friendship points you can gain! If you gather enough, you can take part in the lottery and win special and rare final fantasy pets!

You can test your skills not only in normal dungeons, but also in special event dungeons in which you need to show how well you trained you Dragon pets! The game will be updated regularly so you do not need to worry that you will miss content later in the game!

Pocket Monsters - Dragon Rage is FREE, fun, fantastic and has awesome features:
+ FREE, simple and addicting match 3 puzzle game action!
+ Unlimited power ups and level ups for your monsters!
+ Great social features like lending your pets!
+ Stunning in-game graphics!
+ Collect tons of dragons and look them up in your collection!
+ Invite your friends and gather friendship points!

+ Many features are only available when you are online.
+ Pocket Monsters - Dragon Rage is playable for FREE.
+ This game runs smooth even on older android versions!

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