DISCLAIMER:This application doesn't launch if the "USB Debugging" mode on your Android device is enabled.Please make sure to disable this option via the "Developer Options" menu in "Settings" before playing this application.SAMURAI SHODOWN II, the sword-based fighting game masterpiece has finally cut its way to Android devices!Slash the powerful adversaries standing in your path, and put a stop to Mizuki Rashojin's evil ambitions!Features:* The fan favourite installment in SNK's highly acclaimed series!The 2nd episode of the SAMURAI SHODOWN Series, is still beloved by fans of the series all across the world.Preserving the charm of the first game, its sequel brings the characters, world, and game system to the next level.* An incredible cast of 15 charismatic master swordmen head to the battlefield in order to fulfill their destiny.Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Ukyo Tachibana, Hanzo Hattori, Jubei Yagyu, and the rest of the 11 original characters return.Genjuro Kibagami, Cham Cham, Neinhalt Sieger, and Nicotine Caffeine come into play to complete the cast as the newcomers!* A new and expanded move list! Disarm your rivals by unleashing a Weapon Smash Attack!Forward Somersault, Backward Flip, Crouch, and even more moves have been added. A Weapon Smash can be performed when your Ra​​ge Gauge reaches its MAX!Finesse, or brute force? Let your hidden techniques express your fighting style!* A perfect port of this NEOGEO classic, adding new features for an even better experience!In addition to the original 4 button arcade experience, a 6 button layout and SP button allow you to easily pull off strong slashes and special moves by simply using the Touch Screen!* Challenge your friends via Bluetooth!Dual with your friends in a match through Bluetooth Multiplayer Mode!刀劍格鬥遊戲傑作[真侍魂]登陸Android!擊敗擋在前進路上的強敵,阻止羅將神水姬的野心,用你手中的劍殺出一條生路吧!遊戲特色:侍魂的代名詞,系列最強作品!侍魂一被稱為刀劍類格鬥遊戲的元祖,而真侍魂作為系列第二作,在保留前作優點的基礎上,大幅強化了世界觀,角色魅力和遊戲系統,至今人氣不減!15名劍豪被各自的命運所引導,在此展開死鬥!主人公霸王丸,娜可露露,橘右京,服部半藏,柳生十兵衛等前作的11名角色外,另有牙神幻十郎,查姆查姆,萊茵哈特,花諷院和狆等4名新角色參戰!豐富的動作和武器破壞必殺技令戰鬥更加白熱化!增加前後翻滾,蹲伏等動作,以及只有在怒氣槽最大時才能使用的[武器破壞必殺技]。強攻還是智取,任你選擇!輸入特殊指令後,還能看到可愛的[人偶化]角色哦!NEOGEO版完全移植+α!使用4鍵操作,享受街機感覺。體驗帶有強攻擊按鈕的6鍵操作,或者通過設置SP按鈕,一鍵使出必殺技。多種操作方法,讓你盡享侍魂樂趣!對應藍牙功能,展開火熱對戰吧!單人遊玩以外,也可以使用藍牙功能進行雙人對戰。享受與對手對戰的樂趣吧!