Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher, minimalist design, low resource and user-friendly interface which allows you to launch any application in a few keys.
It's currently the only launcher of Play Store, which has a function of automatic sorting and cataloging of installed applications!

PRO version has a secondary screen where you can place widgets. There are also more transitions and colors to customize the home screen. By purchasing, you will contribute to the development of Smart Launcher and it will give you new features and updates.

Minimalist doesn't mean under-features!
- Main screen with Quick Start
- Drawer organized by categories
- Ready to use without special configurations.
- Live Wallpaper Support
- It supports every screen and device (Google TV too!!)
- Widget support (PRO version only)
- Support of set of icons for ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher and Launcher Pro.
- Possibility to change a single icon in the drawer.
- You can hide every app you want by long pressing an app, then select menu → Hide.
- Quick search.
- Dozens and dozens of global themes, which will allow you to change all elements of the interface.
- Easy access to apps info.
- Designed to be used comfortably also in landscape mode.
- Option to hide the statusbar.

Recent changes:
Much faster than before!
Notification for the bubbles
Possibility to add not listed app as music player, browser ecc..
New standard icon for mail and play store
Themes can change clock color and suggest iconpacks
Fix the calendar bug in the widget panel
Support for Nova/Apex theme in flower.
Improve activity picker for clock
Included activity picker for data
You can display the bubbles in lines
Slide to show widget panel
Patch to keep SL as default launcher

Smart Launcher是新的首頁管理器程式,特點是設計風格簡潔、不佔用記憶體與友善的使用者介面,只要幾個點擊動作就能讓你啟動指定的程式。
Smart Launcher是目前唯一在GOOGLE PLAY商店上具有自動分類已安裝程式的首頁管理器!
已經發佈目前測試完成的版本,本專案僅由我一人開發維護,如果有任何改善Smart Launcher的建議,或者有想要實現的功能概念,歡迎寫信給我。
- 有啟動捷徑的主畫面
- 按照類別排列顯示
- 無須配置設定,完成安裝後即可使用
- 支援動態桌布與各種尺寸的螢幕
- 相容Launcher Pro與ADW Launcher的圖示檔案
- 支援小工具 (僅付費專業版本提供)