With the Spotify app and a Spotify Premium subscription you can listen to unlimited music on your mobile. Try it free for 48 hours.

Premium 48-hour free trial

If you haven’t tried Premium before, you can try it for 48-hours, completely free. Just download the app and log in using your Facebook account*. 

After your trial, you can still listen to your own music, or subscribe to...

Spotify Premium

Premium is the top-of-the-range Spotify experience. Now you can sync all your favourite playlists to your phone and listen offline. Or go online and stream anything you like from the Spotify library. It’s access all areas with Premium.

Praise for Spotify

- "Spotify is so good" – Mark Zuckerberg - CEO and Founder of Facebook
- "The celestial jukebox is no pipe dream; it’s here now." - Time
- "Spotify makes music fun again, just like the iPod did nearly 10 years ago." –

Spotify Premium features 

• Instant access to millions of songs 

• Stream online 

• Listen offline – no mobile connection needed 

• Share music with your friends 

• Star your favourite tracks 

• Wirelessly sync your own music to your Android 

• Create and sync playlists 

• Send the music you’re enjoying direct to & Facebook 

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* If you don’t have log in details - simply register for a free Spotify account on the Spotify website. Full mobile terms of Use & 48-hour free trial terms and conditions can also be found on the Spotify website.

通過Spotify應用程式和Spotify Premium服務,你可以在手機上自由收聽音樂。馬上免費試用48小時。



Spotify Premium



- 「Spotify太棒了」– Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook CEO和創始人
- 「完美的音樂盒不再只是傳說, 它就在這裡!」- Time
-「Spotify 使音樂重得活力,就像iPod十年前做的一樣。」–

Spotify Premium 功能

• 即時串流百萬曲目
• 在線串流
• 離線收聽 – 無需行動網絡
• 與好友分享音樂
• 收藏你最愛的曲目
• 無線同步你擁有的音樂至Android裝置
• 創建並同步播放列表
• 將你正在聆聽的音樂張貼至Last.fm和Facebook



如果你沒有帳戶,只需在Spotify網站免費註冊。您可以在Spotify 網站上找到完整的移動設備使用條款和48 小時免費試用條款和細則。